CATEGORY: Separators

West Texas Area Plays

CREST PS Inc is active in West Texas area plays of Avalon and Bone Springs. CREST PS is currently on contract to supply horizontal well separator packages that are built for locations with or without storage tanks on site. CPS also supplies custom pump and metering packages to meet customer needs in these areas. CREST PS also has packaged several 8’x30’x75 psig emulsion treater units for the Bone Springs operations that will process 10,000 bbls of fluid per day. CREST PS supplies complete unit skid packaged equipment including HP, LP, Flare Knockout, Fuel Gas Conditioning units for wells in the Permian for  quick installation thereby reducing material requirements and field installation time.  

Eagleford Shale Play

CREST PS Inc. is active in the Eagleford shale play in South Texas.  CREST currently supplies vertical and horizontal separators and vapor recovery towers. CREST has shipped numerous separators of various sizes and orientations.  CREST also provides custom sized vapor recovery towers to the play.

CREST PS Inc. has also provided a low temperature (-55F MDMT) custom gas conditioning skid to condition 6.5MM cfd fuel gas for compressor and generator operation.

International Projects

CREST PS Inc. is active in the International marketplace. CREST currently has projects being designed and manufactured for operations in Tunisia and other African and Middle Eastern countries.  Equipment being supplied includes packaged Enclosed Gas Production Units, Glycol Dehydration Units, Vertical Separator skids and Horizontal Test Separator Units.

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