Company Profile

CREST Process Systems Inc. founded in January 2012 as a manufacturer of high quality ASME code process vessels and equipment packages serving the energy and light industrial markets. Our team of engineers, designers and manufacturers total over 100 years of oil and gas industry experience.

Our headquarters and manufacturing facility are located in Tyler, Texas on 10 acres with 75,000 sq ft of manufacturing space. CREST PS offers solutions to your well flow and equipment needs. At CREST PS, we do not take a “one size fits all approach” to the design and manufacture of your oil and gas process equipment.

By packaging process equipment on structural steel skids CREST PS integrates the vessels, piping and instrumentation into a package that reduces costly field construction time. Our engineers team directly with production and facility groups working “hand-in-hand” to insure that equipment packages are designed to meet your individual well and field flow and pressure requirements.

CREST PS also offers standardized ASME code oil and gas production equipment including but not limited to separation, filtration, conditioning, dehydration and treating of sweet and sour service well streams.

CREST PS holds “U” and “R” certifications from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. We are also National Board “NB” certified to construct vessels in strict accordance with the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code.

By working with CREST PS on your projects you gain team members that are dedicated to providing high quality equipment “on-time”, “on-spec” and “on-budget”. Thank your for considering CREST Process Systems Inc. as your process equipment provider.