Emulsion Treater

Horizontal or Vertical orientated, ASME code manufactured.  CREST PS supplies standard, customized and/or skid packaged units to meet our customers individual flow conditions. Standard treater design pressure and ASME code ratings are 50 psig, 75 psig and 125 psig.

Horizontal Heated Separators

EOG HHS Side View

Vertical Gas x Horizontal Oil orientation, ASME code manufactured, atmospheric to 500 psig design pressure ratings. Designed to add required heat to well flow applications to aid in emulsion treating and separation, capture breakout gas back into gas stream and reduce paraffin fouling.

Sour Gas Treating

CREST PS engineers work with customer’s chemical supplier to properly design and manufacture vessels and packages to treat well streams containing H2S and CO2.

Vapor Recovery Towers

VRU Tower

CREST PS supplies Vapor Recovery Towers sized to meet individual location vapor recovery needs.